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SELF PARKING IS NOW OPEN! However the gate is still there… Valet will ask you, “Self Parking or Valet.” Say self parking and they will open the gate for you! 

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Scott's Seafood on the River Reviews 4.4 Stars with 2,129 reviews.

Richard Liang

This is our 2nd time visiting this hotel (Westin) and restaurant, the first time was back in 2018. The food quality of the Scott’s is a wonderful balance between it’s price, quality, quantity, and flavor. It is hard to find decent quality food and service nowadays at a restaurant and Scott’s surprisingly gave us a great experience. One of the staff who served us for both dinner and breakfast is Ashley, and she is one of the most courteous and friendly people we’ve encountered, amongst all the trips we had in different parts of the world. Thank you Ashley, for making dining a memorable experience again.

Dpring Medeiros

I loved the food so much! The crab cakes were some of the best I’ve ever had! The fried leeks that were with the crab cakes was AMAZING! I could have eaten a whole bowl of them by themselves We got the seafood tower, which had crab legs, prawns, oysters, steamed mussels with bread, coconut shrimp and calamari. It was all so delicious. The strawberry lemonade was super tasty too. The city is doing work on the water area so there really wasn’t a water view at the time we went but that’s not the restaurants fault.

Sharbat Irani

Seriously if you don’t get the Melted Crab & Shrimps you are doing your stomach a disservice! Just had to get that out of the way. I got the Melted Crab & Shrimps. The cheese melted so nicely across the top with a gold crispy layer that you would want to just sit and look at it forever but DONT! Take the first bite and allow the crab & shrimps and the creamy sauce do their slow dance with your tongue! You get to pick a side but who cares when you have this on your plate! If your partner offers to share their food for some of yours, don’t fall for it. I tried some of the veggie omelette but would not recommend it. Just was negative point was that some of the cheese and cream was slightly burned that I just cut but everything else besides this was BEYOND PERFECT! Order it and you will be writing your own review shortly! It’s that good.

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“Thank you so much everyone for being so patient with us and coming out during these difficult 17 months. It means the world to us! Also we just found out that self parking is open!”

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“We’re still here aren’t we? Still rolling with the punches, still upright and plugging away every day. Still trying to serve the best food, the best beverages and the best service. Our incredible staff just shrug it off, keep doing what they do, doing the best they can to make ends meet, which sometimes is far from easy.”