October 2019

“I received a Yelp that stated “To offer Sterling (farmed) salmon in a true seafood restaurant is NOT cool.””

As you may already know, Yelp is not one of my favorite social media platforms. It is supposed to be a review of the dining experience, but it is badly abused, but that’s not the point here. I received a Yelp that stated “To offer Sterling (farmed) salmon in a true seafood restaurant is NOT cool.”

I was immediately offended and angry. Should I engage with this person, most likely not a guest of ours, but someone baiting me to respond. Why do I think that? because Yelp is home to that kind of drama, but as my wife Sigrid reminds me, “listen, think then speak”, so I took her advice, something I’m not always good at.

So here I am, calmer and more thoughtful, still wondering why this caveman has not moved ahead with the times, blissful in his ignorance about all the great technical and environmental changes in aquaculture. Come on, buddy, if you’re going to open your mouth and let your belly rumble, at least be educated about the subject. The days of poor animal husbandry in most aquaculture farms is over. As in any industry there are a few bad actors, but the world of aquaculture has changed radically and has become truly sustainable.

There are a number of excellent organizations which certify as sustainable and monitor both wild and farmed fisheries like:

Seafood watch, run by the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a great resource.

MSC, the Marine Stewardship Council, an independent organization, works with local wild fisheries worldwide to develop catch limits and fishing methods, certifying those fisheries as sustainable.

Check out this Video for more information about wild fisheries MSC

ASC, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, an independent international body that certifies farms to have strict standards of farming methods, fair treatment of its employees and its communities.

Check out this Video for more information about Fish Farming & ASC

There are many other great organizations, both industry, government and independent, who are doing a great job of keeping seafood safe for us all, so don’t be scared to eat farmed seafood. It is the future! After all, when was the last time you ate wild cow?

Happening this month is a fabulous Cheese and Wine tasting, in the Tower Room on Monday October 7 at 6pm, featuring noted Cheesemonger Felice Charlton who will lead the discussion and sample us on some remarkable cheeses, with wine pairings and accompaniments by Chef Brandon Meadows. Tickets at Eventbrite.

Looking forward to November, we will be hosting a tasting on Monday November 4, at 6pm in the Tower Room, which will compare and contrast Japanese Whiskies to Scotch Whiskies, with some interesting goodies by Chef Brandon. This will be fun!

As always, thank you for your support!

Alan RP Irvine

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